What to wear on a casual date ? So he has finally sent that text that he wants to take you out now the panic kicks in WHAT TO WEAR !! Three calls to your best friend, seven wardrobe changes, two freak outs followed by attempts to cancel the entire thing until your BBF convinces you that you will look great in anything! Sound familiar?

Here are some hints on what to do!

--If you're the type of girl who normally wears lip balm and mascara, a full face of makeup on the first date is not the way to go! If date one leads to date two and three, you're not going to want to keep up the charade. Keep yourself natural or whatever it is you are use to.

--Wear something comfortable. Thats right girls those six inch heels may look great but if you spend the night walking like you have had too much to drink he may not think you look that hot after all.

-- Don't over dress. Remember these words Sexy...Casual...Cool. Let your outfit do the talking (for any awkward silent moments) If your going for a movie and a bite to eat leave the hot , tight little red number at home.

--Remember to relax. Don't try to over impress just be yourself and try to enjoy the date. If you love your outfit and feel relaxed your date will run smooth. Check out some sexy outfits perfect for a casual date at www.missholly.com.au



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